“Allison and Eric were very helpful in our consultation session regarding a fashion/art brand I recently co-founded, Gina Raphaela Design.  The major contribution was the questions they proposed as food for thought about our No More Violence mission.  It had me considering new strategies as well as branding issues that I had not considered prior to our session.”

Tina Alexis Allen – Actor, Director, Writer


“The main thing I find valuable about Conceptual Art Consultant’s work is their intelligence and eye, which I have found as completely transformative for my work.  As any artist knows, getting good feedback is challenging, often because the person is trying to be polite or their opinion is not particularly helpful.  Allison and Eric’s opinion has been helpful 100% of the time to my work.  They have a serious intellect that grasps many different subjects both quickly and deeply, and enables their “eye” to be articulated.  The second thing I find valuable about CAC’s work is that they have stuck with us.  I am an incredibly difficult person to work with and people have a tendency to quit on me.  Allison and Eric have seen the worst and have weathered the storm and been incredibly professional.  Through this process they have enabled me to create the work that I have wanted to create for many years but have been unable to.  I could not recommend anyone more highly.”

Jenny & Otis Funkmeyer – Video & Performing Artists


 “I recently had a studio visit with Conceptual Art Consultants. I performed a new work for them in my studio and then we had a conversation about the performance and my work in general. Through our dialogue, I had the opportunity to hear how two very engaged and critical art-viewers with diverse backgrounds in art received the performance.  As a group, we generated ideas about different directions it could take and ways to strengthen it. I learned a lot about the piece. I look forward to working with Conceptual Art Consultants in the future for I believe that it will enhance my practice.”

Avery Lawrence – Fine Artist


 “I really enjoyed talking to Conceptual Art Consultants about my work.  Their questions and thoughts really helped me articulate things I’ve been circling around but haven’t quite pin-pointed yet.  I would say that is the most helpful thing that can come from discussions at studio visits- finding a way to clearly articulate things that are so muddled in the making side of the work and the subconscious, through a series of questions/responses/discussions (at least for me as an object-maker!).  Discussing these things with Eric and Allison both really helped me to check in with my intentions and re-assess what the work is doing.”

Brenna Ivanhoe – Fine Artist