Conceptual Art Consultants provides a variety of services to creative professionals of all kinds: artists, designers, innovators, writers, and businesses looking for a creative edge.

Conceptual Art Consultants listens. We tailor our approach to fit your varied needs. We work with you to learn what your project is about; we understand your objectives, devise an action plan, and brainstorm and collaborate with you from start to finish.

The MFA Experience

We offer an exceptionally thoughtful answer to the question, “What do you think?”

An in-depth critique of your work can be the key to an exciting breakthrough, no matter what your creative practice is. Inspired by the legendary CalArts tradition, we call this in-depth critique  the “MFA experience.” As part of the experience, we discuss your work until its full context is laid out in the open. Sometimes you just need a second (or third or fourth) pair of eyes to view, critique, and provide feedback on your work. The MFA Experience offers insight into your process, and broaden the context of your work from historical, genre-based, and theoretical perspectives.

A Change of Pace

Heading in a new direction with your art practice? Expanding your horizons into a new field? Always had a project you’ve dreamed of doing but haven’t figured out how to do it? Our vast pool of talented artists, designers, and creative professionals will offer you the guidance you need as you travel down exciting new paths.

We can help you make your creative dreams a reality with our combination of the right tools, discipline, and determination. As practicing artists, our consultants have a wide variety of connections with other artists and arts organizations. We will guide you to new resources, connect you with the right people, and help you take your work to the next level.

New Ideas

We love ideas and we have a lot of them. Our team will brainstorm and deliver you cutting-edge ideas, which you can then take and make your own. We will work behind the scenes to make you great. Picasso had Braque. Jobs had Woz. You have Conceptual Art Consultants.

Collaboration Training

We will design a program specifically for you to keep your team moving towards a high quality goal. By critiquing your collaborative process, communication tools, and listening skills, we will assist you in streamlining your creative process. We will help you and your team work more smoothly so that your best ideas can emerge.

Corporate Partnerships

Because we are creative and imaginative artists, we can shake up your talent and get the ideas rolling in your corporate setting. We support your business as you think about what you are making and how.  We allow you to ruminate. To elaborate. To think bigger. It’s not just cutting-edge artists who need to invest in imaginative possibilities; cutting-edge businesses must make the same investment.

No matter what you are designing, making, marketing, or branding, we will facilitate your creative revolution.